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Case Study: How Gibson Lamb transformed their cyber security with Advantage


As Cyber Security becomes even more important for businesses, Gibson Lamb decided that they wanted to ensure that their business was fully protected from any form of cyber security threat.

Who are Gibson Lamb?

Gibson Lamb are a small, privately owned business providing financial planning and wealth management to businesses all over the UK. They pride themselves on taking the time to really get to know their clients and understand their needs so that they can best help them achieve their goals.

The Challenge

As cyber security became a high priority for businesses, Gibson Lamb required a comprehensive cyber security solution in order for them to be compliant with the relevant rules & regulations.

The Solution

The decision was made to use a combination of Advantage and CyberSmart’s Cyber Essentials solution to not only become compliant but to also stay compliant around cyber security.

Why did the company choose Advantage as their IT partner?

With Advantage already providing Gibson Lamb with several IT services, it made sense to expand this service into Cyber Security to allow them to fully protect themselves from any cyber security threats as well as to become fully compliant.


Dave Lamb, Owner at Gibson Lamb was pleased with the results “we’ve been working with Christo and the team at Advantage for a number of years and have seen real value being delivered time after time. When it came to cyber security, we had no doubts that Advantage could help to ensure that our business was fully protected against any potential threats to our business online”

Christo van Zyl, the Managed Services Director at Advantage remarked “after working with the team at Gibson Lamb for a number of years they came to us looking for extra cyber security protection, CyberSmart’s Cyber Essentials solution was the first option that came to mind. It is a government grade certification that helps to protect businesses online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which can be setup and implemented quickly”.


With CyberSmart’s Cyber Essentials solution now fully integrated into the business, Gibson Lamb are now able to cope with cyber security threats in the knowledge that they now have a top of the range government grade solution in place. With the dedicated IT support from Advantage and the power of CyberSmart, they are now ready to cope with the increased demands on cyber security.