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Case Study: How Advantage helped an operations software company to reduce Microsoft 365 licensing costs & upgrade their telephone systems


This operations software company enables companies across a broad range of industries to drive efficient operations through the use of market-leading, integrated software from centres of excellence in the UK, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.  

Trusted by a global customer network of over 50,000 companies, this operations software company empowers fast, effective, profitable working processes. The specialist software is enhanced by flexible training, technical support and consultancy services, to maximise customer value.  

In a world of constant transformation, this operations software company fuels innovation and growth. Over the past 120 years, this operations software company have continually moved ahead of the market, nurturing long-standing customer relationships and providing dependable, scalable digital solutions. 

The Challenge 

This operations software company were already a customer of Advantage’s in the Microsoft Dynamics space but needed to improve their overall efficiency and productivity as well as bring down costs. Following an internal discussion regarding this, Advantage’s in-house managed service team suggested to this operations software company that they needed a better way of managing & buying their Microsoft 365 licensing as well as ensuring their telephone systems were up to date and up to scratch for the demands of the market. 

The Solution 

After taking on the advice given by Advantage’s Managed Services team, this operations software company appointed Advantage to look at better ways of managing & buying their Microsoft 365 licensing & upgrading their telephone systems. 

To address the Microsoft 365 licensing requirement, Advantage undertook a comprehensive software audit of all the licensing held within this operations software company to identify where cost savings could be gleaned from. After this process was completed, Advantage stated that this operations software company could save up to 15% off their licensing if they transferred their licensing over to Advantage rather than Microsoft with the capability to manage & purchase their future licensing in one place through the use of Advantage’s Marketplace shop. 

To help this operations software company upgrade their existing telephone system, Advantage decided that moving them to Microsoft Teams was the best move and a safe way of safeguarding their business going forwards as well as providing them with the following capabilities if required: 

  • Using click to dial that seamlessly integrates with a CRM which helps callers to ring and track activities for that call in their CRM system. 

The Benefits 

While continuing to work with Advantage on this aspect of their business, this operations software company have experienced significant savings in their licensing costs as well having a more streamlined phone system that helps to safeguard their business. 

The IT manager at this operations software company was delighted with the results “Advantage’s Managed Service team identified that our Microsoft 365 licensing costs were out of control and our traditional phone systems wasn’t up to scratch. Advantage helped us to achieve some game-changing savings on our licensing costs as well as bringing our phone systems into the 21st century. They further added that they would happily recommend Advantage to any business looking to review their licensing as well as upgrading their telephone systems “If you choose Advantage as your IT provider you certainly won’t regret it as we’ve been so pleased with the pace, knowledge and expertise that they were able to provide to us”. 

Christo van Zyl, the Managed Services Director at Advantage commented further “Following an initial discussion with this operations software company, it was clear that undertaking a comprehensive software audit, moving Microsoft 365 licenses over to Advantage, allowing them to manage their future licensing requirements through our Advantage Marketplace and upgrading their phone systems would help them to achieve their cost savings and help to improve their overall efficiency”. 


With all their Microsoft 365 licensing being managed in one place and upgraded phone system in Teams, this operations software company are now equipped to not only achieve future cost savings but also to benefit from increased collaboration, better compliance as well as an easily scalable option when it comes to communications.