An expense management software solution which integrates with Microsoft Dynamics to allow you to fully automate your whole employee expenses claim process. 

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What is Expense@work? 

Aimed at small and medium sized businesses across the globe with between 25 to 5,000 employees, Expense@work is an enterprise level expense management solution which looks to streamline and automate the employee claim process. 

The expense@work solution is available to businesses both as an 'On Premise' solution or via systems@work's cloud management portal. 

Furthermore, by implementing Expense@work across your business will help to make sure that you are fully compliant both internally and in line with expense management legislation.  


  • Exceptional Reporting 

    Provide reporting which makes sure that all employees have full visibility over expenses expenditure.

  • Streamline Your Business Process 

    Remove data duplication, manual intervention and time lags common in manual systems.

  • Quick & Easy For End Users 

    Allow users to enter expense data quickly though easy to use forms with no formal training required.

Make expense management easier for your business

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