Concur Expense

Transform the way you manage expense claims in your business with Concur Expense which can provide an automated, fast and accurate expense process.

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What can Concur Expense do for your business?

Make expense reporting simple, fast and more accurate with Concur Expense. Creating expense claims is easy when charges from credit card, suppliers and receipts automatically pre-populate in Concur Expense.

- Streamline expense management
- Enforce policy compliance
- Reimburse employees faster
- Easily categorise and match expenses to receipts

Why SAP Concur?

  • Connect all your spend data in a single system

    Concur Expense integrates all your expense data into a single system so you can manage your spend end-to-end.

  • See all your spending to get more control

    Concur Expense gives you visibility into total employee spending down to each detailed transaction, so you can manage budgets more effectively, forecast more accurately & achieve corporate compliance.

  • Simplify the process for everyone

    SAP Concur makes the entire expense management process easy—from system implementation to submitting expense claims—so you and your entire team can focus on what matters most for your business.

Improve the expense management process in your business

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