Mimecast Web Security

Help protect your business online from malicious activity & malware through the use of a cloud-based web security solution.

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What is Mimecast Web Security?

Mimecast Web Security protects against malicious activity initiated by user action or by malware on a networked computer, and blocks access to business inappropriate websites, based on an organization’s acceptable web use policy – all as a fully cloud-based service.

This Mimecast service adds strong security and monitoring at the DNS layer of the web, and is very easy to implement and manage. Usually taking less than 60 minutes to deploy and configure.


  • Quick to implement

    Very fast deployment, often connected and deployed for your business in less than 60 minutes.

  • Cloud-based web security cheaper

    It’s costly to acquire, manage and to scale on-premises web security systems, such as web proxies/gateways & firewalls.

  • Built-in reporting dashboard

    Includes visualisations of the top 10 accessed domains, accessed site categories, blocked domains & more.

Protect your business against malicious activity

If you are looking for a cloud-based web security solution to help protect your business from malicious activity and other cyber threats then please contact Advantage today to discuss your business requirements. 

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