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What are Microsoft Power App Portals?

Put simply, Microsoft PowerApps portals enables businesses to create websites that seamlessly integrate within your Dynamics 365 solution. As well as this, they can be customised to provide a much more personalised experience to both internal and external users. 

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How can a Power Apps Portal benefit your business?

Improves Efficiency 

Significantly saves resources by bringing direct data exchange between client and company. Therefore, eliminating data loss as well as human error. 

Improves Security 

Data exchanged with customers or partners stays securely locked up in the Portal as well as connected platforms which can easily be monitored through authentication methods. 

Simple To Manage 

After it's been constructed, content can easily be updated and new resources added by the system administrators. 

Improves Customer Service 

Allows your customers to be able to contact you directly through the use of the self service customer portals. 

Improves Accessibility 

Easily access customer data whilst on the move from any device at any point during the day from any location. 

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What types of PowerApps Portals can we offer your business?

Customers where we can provide you with a self-service customer portal where users are able to log tickets or issues. 

Partners which can be used as a place to both manage, monitor and distribute any leads. 

Employees where staff are able to draft and share articles and communicate with colleagues through the use of a forum. 

Suppliers with a place where they can easily view and manage their orders.

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Can PowerApps Portals be tailored?

The portals already have a whole host of pre-built templates that can be implemented easily, however you are able to completely custom build a portal tailored to your business requirements. Within each template are a number of settings and styles that allow you to change the visual elements of the website along with the templates which can also be fully customised to match your specific requirements.  

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