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    Transform the way you work through our data maturity services that will enable you to gain a DMI score and the ability to report on the health of your data. 

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What is Data Maturity?

When we refer to ‘data maturity’ we mean how well your business can maximise the value of your data. If your business has a strong data maturity, the easier it becomes to use it effectively, improve systems and processes as well as work towards building digital transformation across your business. 

This way of organising data is having even more importance for businesses to operate on and have strong data foundations and practices. This is very useful in helping with both digital thinking as well as emerging technologies. 

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How can my business benefit from data maturity?

Businesses can benefit from data maturity in a number of ways: 

Improved efficiency – By automating data collection enables your business to reduce manual processes and allows your employees to work on more value driven tasks. 

Reduced human errors – when entering or analysing data. 

Better decision making – More reliable, accurate and accessible data drives data driven and better-informed decisions. 

Easily identify new opportunities – By having strong data practices & processes allows you to strive for higher standards of what data can do in your role, business and across the industry. 

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How Advantage helps your business through the Data Maturity Index?

Advantage has a team of data experts and the use of Artificial Intelligence to help businesses to improve their overall data maturity levels. The first part of the process is to analyse and score the business’s data maturity index (DMI) which will come up with a DMI Score. 

Advantage’s very own Data Maturity Assessment is a fully analytical based process to successfully measure your organisation’s data maturity and give you a DMI score and a comprehensive report into the overall health of your data as well as your data practices. Better still, the DMI score that you receive will allow you a well-rounded insight into the health of your data, your readiness to make use of it as well as your current ability to build digital transformation out across your business. 

After this assessment has been completed, if needed, Advantage can help to deliver a whole host of digital transformation services to help drive your data maturity further. 

The whole assessment will be carried out by one of our many data experts. Better still, the team at Advantage are all fully qualified in our assessment framework and have already undertaken this process to help transform a whole host of different businesses spread out across different industries to drive their data quality, reporting and optimisation. 

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The technology you use to power your business should be helping you succeed, not getting in your way. If you want to transform the way you work and get the most out of your business, get in touch with Advantage today.

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