Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365

Protect your Dynamics 365 CRM Content - all from one service & place with our Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365 solution.

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The Most Complete Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solution

Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365 is the industry’s most complete cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Dynamics 365.

With unlimited, automated backups and secure storage in our Azure storage, or your own cloud, you just decide how much to recover and when.

On-demand and granular, item-level restore provides anytime access for critical entities, records, forms and field attributes.

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Benefits of our Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365 solution

  • Automated, unlimited backup for your Dynamics 365 content

    Automatic backups, up to 4X’s per day, for Dynamics CRM or ERP content. Unlimited options give you flexibility to protect Dynamics 365 business-critical entities, records, forms, and more.

  • Granular, full-fidelity restoration

    Quickly recover and restore data at the entity and record level with time- or object-based restores by locating business-critical entities or records with full text search capabilities for rapid discovery.

  • Encrypted and secure data protection

    Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365 is hosted on the cloud, utilizing Microsoft Azure Encryption in conjunction with user account security to ensure compliance around highly sensitive data.

Advantage extends your Dynamics 365 native functionality

Benefits Dynamics 365 Native (Microsoft) Advantage Cloud Backup
Flexible Backup Solution Backs up Dynamics 365 data once a day on fixed schedule Backs up Dynamics 365 data up to 4 times a day on flexible schedule
Granular Restore Can restore only at the instance level and sandbox instance level Can restore granular items with metadata and permissions intact
Backup Data Retention On-demand backups are retained for up to 3 days Unlimited retention for 100% of your backup data

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