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How can you run your business and keep up with the latest advancements in IT?

Our Managed IT services will ensure that you business has the latest technology while you focus on your business. 

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How can Managed services work for me?

We will do a full audit of your current situation and find out what your business needs are. We will then talk you through our findings and our recommendations and next steps for a tailored solution that is right for your business. We can manage as much or as little of your IT as you like.


Surface with surface pen and office 365

Microsoft Surfaces

Advantage Managed IT Services can now provide the following at Microsoft Prices:

  • Surface Pros and accessories
  • Surface Pro as a Service (Financing options)
  • Surface Hubs, Trolleys and Installation

We like them, we use them, so we want you to enjoy them too. Another great thing is they are complete with the Microsoft Suite, so no stressing about installing software.

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