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What is Microsoft 365 Business Voice?

With the rapid innovations in technology over the last few years which continue to accelerate rapidly, it has become so crucial for many small and medium sized businesses to move with the times. This is more evident with the recent release of Microsoft’s latest innovation: Microsoft 365 Business Voice designed to align all your telephone phone systems in one place via Microsoft Teams.  

So before we dive a little deeper into the core functionality of Microsoft 365 Business Voice, shall we learn what it actually is? 

Essentially Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system that makes use of Microsoft Teams to act as a modern replacement for the more traditional phone system. It provides users with the ability to make, receive & transfer to & from landlines & mobile phones on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network in Microsoft Teams. 

This system is very much designed for small and medium sized businesses looking to make the shift towards a modern workplace with Office 365. Some of the core capabilities of Microsoft 365 Business Voice include porting numbers, free phone numbers, audio conferencing, setting up of Auto Attendant & Call Queue along with call forwarding. Given the fact that the phone system is part of Microsoft Teams already allows any mobile device, desktop or laptop to be turned into a phone to use it as a Business Voice.  

So now we know what Microsoft 365 Business Voice is, what core features does it have? 

Audio Conferencing 

The audio conferencing feature in Microsoft 365 Business Voice allows you to host conference calls when you are offline or when Microsoft Teams is not available. This gives you greater flexibility for each online meeting with participants of up to 250 people with a specific dial-in number.  

Business Level Phone System 

The secure and standard calling features such as voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID and shared phone lines come as part of the Business Voice package. Better still, Microsoft 365 Business Voice is delivered from Microsoft’s trusted cloud which adds to the security of the product.  

Straightforward Billing & Easy Management Setup 

The best part of Microsoft 365 Business Voice is the fact that businesses are able to save money and time by using a single communication provider. Furthermore, businesses have greater control of their phone systems from within their admin console in Office 365 so can easily make minor changes if required. 

Competitive Calling Plans 

The plans offered as part of Microsoft 365 Business Voice can include 1200 domestic minutes to local landlines and mobile networks within the UK. Furthermore, you can easily get new numbers or port your existing phone numbers without an additional charge. If you operate overseas you can get international calling plans as an add-on. 

So now we know what it is & what it does, how much does it cost? 

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is only available via a Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Microsoft Teams with prices starting from £12 per user per month. It is an add-on subscription for up to 300 users, that cannot be used standalone. Business Voice add-on and trial are only available for users with qualifying plans. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a small and medium sized business looking to get Microsoft 365 Business Voice setup or looking to get Microsoft Teams installed then please get in touch with our team of IT experts today who will be able to discuss your specific requirements and whether you need some additional IT consultancy to get it up and running. 

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