File Stream

Through the use of an electronic document management solution your business will be able to reduce the need for paper records as well as being able to easily manage and access electronic records.

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What is File Stream?

With GDPR closing fast, the need to improve the way in which we hold and access customer data is vital to any business. This is where File Stream can help. 

File Stream's document management system can help your business to improve its efficiency by ensuring that documents that can be easily found and filed electronically rather than through paper based systems.


  • Easily integrate your documents 

    By integrating the filing of electronic files & paper documents you can achieve one central point for all documentation.

  • Resolve issues quicker 

    By being able to share documents electronically your business would be able to deal with any customer issues quickly.

  • Power filing flexibility in multiple locations

    File a single document in multiple locations which isn't possible through a paper based system making it easier to locate faster.

Improve the efficiency of your business

If you are looking to move away from a paper based system to an electronic one, then get in touch with Advantage today to see how we can help you to improve the efficiency of your business. 

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