Implementing a security and audit compliance solution can help your business to take control of your security, compliance and risk management initiatives. 

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What is Fastpath?

If your business is spending too much time preparing audits, or finding it hard to keep up with the ever changing legislation or struggling to find out which employees have to access to what within your Microsoft Dynamics solution. This is where Fastpath can help. 

Fastpath's software can enable your business to analyse risk, access certification, ensure compliant user provisioning and much more. 


  • Simplify compliance and improve security 

    Fastpath's tools can help manage segregation of duties, track database changes and integrate with Dynamics security.

  • Easily manage users 

    Create, manage, edit and delete users as and when required securely through your Microsoft Dynamics solution.

  • Speed up your audit processes 

    Quickly audit your business to be able to identify risk, tackle any compliance issues and resolve security or data breaches effectively.

Take control of your security, compliance and risk management

If you are looking to speed up the auditing process within your business, then talk to Advantage today to find out more information. 

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