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What are ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards?

As marketers in business nowadays we have vast quantities of data, despite this, we’re still finding it extremely tedious and difficult to report on how the sales and marketing activities are contributing to the bottom line as well as those activities in particular that are the biggest successes. The repeated use of disconnected tools and manual reporting processes makes it difficult to show us marketers the bigger picture, this is where ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards comes in. 

ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards allows marketers to gain an understanding of what is working and what isn’t by showing them an overview of both the sales and marketing performance across all the different activities taking place – aligning those activities directly to sales pipeline and revenue. It goes without saying but this product is ready to go out of the box which means that you automatically save time, costs as well as eliminate the common frustrations of both building and maintaining marketing reports. Furthermore, the tedious tasks of collating different data sources, building dashboards for different marketing channels, setting the right KPIs and manually refreshing the data on reports needs over six skillsets and over 1,000 hours to produce using the standard business intelligence tools. 

The common problems are resolved through ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards which provides you with access to 13 marketing and sales dashboards specifically created for use by marketing, sales and IT experts enabling you to monitor 172 KPI’s across your different marketing channels which takes less than 24 hours to populate with data. 

What are the benefits of ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards?

Improve efficiency with Prebuilt Dashboards

Given that Intelligent Dashboards are prebuilt means that less time is wasted on configuration to be able to activate this add-on.

Easily keep track of your overall business goals

You can clearly define goals for any tracked metric to enable you to follow the progress on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. 

Game changing Sales & Marketing Reporting Dashboards

Pre-built dashboards included in ClickDimensions will allow you to view Sales Funnels, Campaign Performance, Email Marketing, Forms & Website Performance.  

Transform the way you work

The technology you use to power your business should be helping you succeed, not getting in your way. If you want to transform the way you work and get the most out of your business, get in touch with Advantage today.

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