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Does a future trade deal between the US and the UK present opportunities for US Dynamics Partners to expand into the UK?

With Brexit officially happening a few weeks ago and the UK now officially no longer a member of the European Union Steve Mnuchin, the US treasury secretary, was quick to confirm that the Trump Administration wants to agree a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK this year.

Following a meeting with UK Chancellor Sajid Javid in London, Mnuchin was optimistic that the UK could negotiate trade deals with the US and EU at the same time.

Mr Mnuchin, confirmed that the US was "prepared to dedicate a lot of resources" in order to secure a trade deal with the UK by the end of 2020.

He said: "We've said that our goal - your goal - is trying to get both of these trade agreements done this year. And I think from a US standpoint we are prepared to dedicate a lot of resources. The UK and US have very similar economies with a big focus on services, and I think this will be a very important relationship."

He also reiterated President Donald Trump’s view that the UK would "be at the top of the list" for a deal. President Trump had previously criticised the EU, saying that they have not “treated us right”, adding: “They have trade barriers where you can’t trade, they have tariffs all over the place. They make it impossible. Frankly, they are more difficult to do business with than China.”

All of which makes a trade deal between US and the UK likely to happen sooner rather than later.

So what does this future trade deal mean for Dynamics partners in the US?

Well firstly it means that companies are likely to be expanding their operations towards the UK with favourable tariff rates, and their Dynamics systems will need to be upgraded or improved accordingly.

Any US company opening a UK base may want to have a local partner on hand, but this doesn’t have to mean that the US Dynamics partner loses a customer. You can team up with a UK partner, such as Advantage, to handle any local work and ensure the smooth running of your customers operation, wherever they may be.

Do your customers need 24/7 support?

We have a dedicated support team that can cover the UK operating hours, whilst your team covers the US hours.

Give your customers the benefit of expert local knowledge

And last but not least, local expertise is always beneficial. Finance and tax systems vary greatly across the globe and it can be a boon to have a local expert on hand to guide you through all the complexities.

If you are a Microsoft partner based in the US with clients looking to move operations to the UK, looking to upgrade your UK based clients ERP or CRM systems or looking to provide 24 hour Microsoft Dynamics support for Dynamics GP, CRM or Business Central to your UK based clients through a partnership with Advantage, then please complete our online form and we can then discuss how we can help you to support your client base or if you want to speak us directly you can by calling 020 3004 4600.

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