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It's time to start taking Marketing Lists seriously

Clean and tidy marketing lists not only help your business improve revenue and customer relationships, they could also be the thing that saves your business from having to pay that…
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How to create Static Marketing Lists in Dynamics 365

If you are looking to use your Dynamics 365 solution more effectively for your marketing campaigns, it's very handy to be able to segment your data into specific marketing lists…
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How to create Dynamic Marketing Lists in Dynamics 365

Being able to create the right marketing lists in your Dynamics 365 solution is pivotal to any business looking to build highly targeted marketing campaigns. In our last blog post…
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Comparing Dynamics 365 Business Central to Dynamics 365 CRM

With Dynamics 365 Business Central now available to all users, it is important to be able to understand exactly how Dynamics 365 Business Central compares to other Dynamics 365 solutions. In…

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