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Marriott hotel system Data Breach could cost $12.5 Billion in damages

It was recently announced that there was a Marriott data breach exposing 500 million users personal details. The data breach comprised the details of the Starwood Hotel branches which included names, addresses and passport numbers resulting in shares subsequently falling by 5.6%.  Although…
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How to successfully add a tick or a cross in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

If you use Microsoft Word and Excel on a regular basis, you will want to learn about all the different shortcuts that you can use to help make your day…
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How to increase employee collaboration & productivity with Dynamics 365

With more and more small and medium sized businesses making the switch to the Gig Economy way of working, it has become even more commonplace for employees to dictate which…
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Microsoft to kill off Edge for a new browser

Microsoft are set to announce a new browser which will replace Edge later this week. The new browser will be built on the Chromium engine and act as the default browser for Windows 10.   After…
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Business Central and Dynamics NAV for MTD

Microsoft has recently previewed some of the potential functional updates for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV which will comply with the Making Tax Digital initiative. The Making Tax Digital…

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    Mimecast Webinar Series: Archiving

    As data gets harder to manage, email compliance challenges evolve and organizations demand more value from their data, the importance of modernizing your archive strategy is paramount. We know the problems…
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    To Migrate or Not To Migrate Data

    Changing ERP applications does not need to be stressful.  In our latest webinar with our partner eOne Solutions to consider which data to migrate to your new ERP system and…
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    Reporting in Business Central

    In our latest Business Central on demand webinar, our very own Business Central Consultant Suraj Vekaria provides a comprehensive demonstration of the out of the box reporting functionality available within…