BI 360

Through the use of this business intelligence system you can speed up your decision making across your business from strategy to reporting so that everyone in your business can stay in the picture. 

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What is BI 360?

BI360 is a comprehensive business intelligence and performance management suite with financial reporting, budgeting and dashboard modules that can seamlessly integrate into your on-premise or cloud based ERP systems such as Dynamics GP and NAV. 

Furthermore, through the use of this suite your business can combine different data sources and provide all business users with self-service analytics which will enable them to make critical and efficient business decisions. 


  • Simplifies and Streamlines Reporting Processes 

    Replace your old planning and analytics software for BI360 to see lower maintenance and lower ongoing training and support.

  • Complete Insight 

    BI360 provides your business with complete insight from anywhere, with easy access to information to speed up decision making.

  • Web Reporting and Dashboards 

    BI360 web reporting and dashboards can provide live reports from your ERP or CRM systems in a secure web portal.

Speed up your decision making process across your business

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