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What is SalesSpark?

For those of you that don’t know, SalesSpark is the only Sales Engagement solution that has been built solely for the Microsoft Power Platform. Created to seamlessly work with Dynamics 365 Sales and Office 365, SalesSpark provides businesses with the platform to schedule more appointments, increase the number of leads and revenues. 

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What features are included within the SalesSpark Solution?

The following features are included as part of this comprehensive sales engagement solution: 

Sequences – These are automated touchpoints that manage interactions with contacts and keep salespeople on task. 

Reliable and personalised delivery through Office 365 – Emails are sent through the sales person’s work email address to increase personalisation as well as adding more authenticity and increasing the chances of engagement. 

SalesSpark dashboards and metrics – This solution comes with numerous out of the box dashboards that can give you valuable insights into productivity, next steps as well management metrics and much more. 

Email open/click tracking and reply detection – Furthermore, this solution is able to track email opens and clicks to gauge the level of engagements received on each email. 

Email content and templates – You can make use of the various email templates available in SalesSpark to use across multiple sequences or as part of ad hoc emails. 

Activity execution – You can use manual steps in SalesSpark sequences which build SalesSpark activities which are listed in the salesperson’s SalesSpark dashboard and in the activities view. 

Contact grouping and filtering view – This feature enables salespeople to add multiple contacts to a sequence. 

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