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Running a business comes with its trials and tribulations, from keeping on top of documents to ensuring customers are kept informed and suppliers & staff are paid on time.

Avoid the hassle of manually tackling the business admin with Business automation solutions from Advantage Business Systems

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All our solutions are fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics, allowing you to get the most out of your software and ensure that you keep on top of business.

Advantage have partnered with the finest service providers to offer you the best in business automation software, from Document Management solutions to Expense and Credit management.

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Document Management

Avoid the hassles of managing and tracking your documents with Document Management from iDocumentsSpindle, File StreamKwiktag and Zetadocs.

  • Powerful functionality that works with all document types
  • Streamlining and improving business processes with automatic workflows eliminating the need to print and store documents
  • Seamless integration into ERP systems like Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV.
  • Easy access to documents via the cloud giving you access to do business as and where you can.
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Expense Management Solutions

Remove the hassle and complex processes of completing expense sheets and ensure that your sales team are paid on time with simplified Expense management from Concur, Payescape, Systems@Work, Wipfli Brittenford Systems and more.

  • Simplified user interface where users can quickly record and claim expenses through the portal.
  • Users can log time and expenses against specific projects, which simplifies the project management flow.
  • Manage projects from start to finish making retrieval of documents faster and easier.
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Credit Control Management

Take control of business and remove the issues of dealing with late payers and invoice chasing with a simplified solution from Credit Hound and Professional Advantage.


  • Identify your late payers and outstanding balances with ease.
  • Become proactive and streamline your credit control processes.
  • Seamless integration into Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV
  • Interactive aged debtors list where you can filter accounts in real time – no manual checking.
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