Implement a document distribution and capture solution to allow your business to work smarter to reduce costs, improve cash flow and streamline operational efficiency. 

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What is Spindle? 

Spindle's document distribution and capture software makes it simpler to connect your document workflow processes to deliver your communications accurately – to the right people at the right time as it works seamlessly behind the scenes.

Furthermore, Spindle's award-winning software is designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses to make your working day much easier with its flexibility and customisation tailored to your business requirements. 


  • Cost Reduction 

    Make your business more cost-effective with document delivery by email and fax intelligent delivery.

  • Maximise Flexibility  

    Automatically add terms and conditions, seasonal or promotional messages to your correspondents.

  • Automated Delivery 

    Know exactly what to fax, what to email and what to print at the right time for your business.

Improve the efficiency and communications of your business

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