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Maximise the use of your Dynamics GP platform through a collections management and data archiving software solution to help improve the efficiency of your business. 

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What is Professional Advantage?

Professional Advantage specialise in producing software tailored to the staffing industry as well as valued-added extensions for Dynamics GP such as collections management and data archiving. 

Furthermore, Professional Advantage serve over 800 clients directly with their specialist software being used by thousands upon thousands of companies worldwide. 


  • Automate your collections management process 

    By automating your collections management you'll spend less time clicking and more time collecting cash to improve your company's cash flow.

  • Easily archive historical business data 

    Data archive software allows you to move data from a live company in Dynamics GP to an archive company easily and pain free.

  • Improve business efficiency 

    Save time and resources on manual processes by automating them thus allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

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Enhance the way that your business uses Dynamics GP

If you are looking to automate your collections management and data archiving within Dynamics GP, then get in touch with Advantage today so we can discuss your specific requirements.

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