Easily access your cloud and on-premise data from your Microsoft Dynamics products all from within one easy to use app. 

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What is Popdock (eOne Solutions)?

Designed specifically for small businesses, Popdock created by eOne Solutions is the perfect solution for disparate reporting. 

Most businesses regularly use over 15 different software applications. This can cause a few problems for businesses as reporting in silos can put limitations on how well a team can do their jobs which can impact on overall efficiency. Manually consolidated reports can be more prone to errors as well as often containing inaccuracies.  

All these problems are solved with Popdock which streamlines all your data from on-premise and cloud applications including most of the Microsoft Dynamics suite of products into just one application – in real time. Thus, Popdock provides the answer to all your integrated BI and daily reporting needs. 


  • Makes Data Accessible

    The self-service BI tool allows you to access all your cloud-based application data by logging into just one application.

  • Provides Real Time Reporting

    Popdock reports are based on live data and through real-time reporting can help your employees to do their jobs better.

  • Makes Data Actionable

    Popdock delivers actionable data that makes it easier for you to complete tasks without the need to login into the applications.

Are you ready for accessible, informative and actionable data?

If you are looking to easily access your Microsoft Dynamics products data all in one place and take advantage of the real-time reporting and BI then please get in touch with Advantage to discuss your specific requirements. 

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