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Our GDPR Service Packages are designed to help small and medium-sized businesses meet GDPR compliance by 25 May 2018. Start your GDPR journey the right way, talk to Advantage today.

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Your GDPR Journey with Advantage

If you are a small-to-medium sized business looking to start your GDPR journey with us, we have the following options available.

Our GDPR Service Packages

If you've yet to start your GDPR journey and you've not done business with Advantage before we recommend you opt for our Discovery package, Discovery includes:

- 2 days (depending on the level of complexity) of General GDPR Assessment and overall data protection readiness. The GDPR assessment we offer covers both IT specific as well as general business processes.
- Upon completion of the General GDPR Assessment, a detailed recommendations report will be shared with customers, outlining IT specific, as well as general business recommendations.
- As IT specialists, assistance with the general business process portion of your assessment will end at the recommendations report stage, though we are able to recommend other firms that could help with areas outside our range of expertise. From an IT perspective, we will conduct product/solution specific assessments (2 days) and put together a GDPR IT project plan in place. As this plan is tailored to your specific business the length and complexity of the implementation will vary from customer to customer.

Drill Down or Drill and Discover

If you're a current GP, NAV, CRM, Dynamics 365 or IT Managed Services user we have two packages available: Drill Down and Drill and Discover.

- Drill Down gets straight to the point, and Advantage takes it as a given that your business has already conducted some sort of GDPR assessment to ensure areas outside of IT are GDPR compliant. With Drill-Down we will conduct a 2-day assessment (depending on complexity) where your use of GP, NAV, CRM, Dynamics 365 and IT Managed Services is reviewed in line with GDPR legislative requirements.
- Once we have completed our assessment, we will come back with a GP, NAV, CRM, Dynamics CRM, IT Managed Services specific detailed recommendations report and put together customer-specific packages aimed at helping you use or modify your ERP, CRM and/or General IT processes so they are GDPR compliant.
- Drill and Discover is aimed at ERP, CRM and IT Managed Services users who know they need a solution for their specific product, however, also want to have a General GDPR Assessment conducted on their business.

Helping Hand

For those businesses that have already conducted their own GDPR assessment and have determined that one or more of Advantage's products are what they need to complete their GDPR compliance journey we have our Helping Hand package: 

- Helping Hand works more like a standard solution implementation. Seeing as you've already done your GDPR assessment, we will go in as we normally do and scope/implement the solution you need.   

If you are interested in any of the above GDPR Service Packages, please call us on 020 3004 4600 or complete our online contact form.

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Begin your journey towards GDPR compliance

If you want to begin your journey towards GDPR compliance through the above GDPR Service Packages then get in touch with Advantage today.

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