Integrating a next numeric collection solution into your business through Microsoft Dynamics GP helps to reduce the need to implement and monitor new policies for new customer data.

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What is EthoTech?

Entering new Customer IDs through Microsoft Dynamics GP should be relatively straightforward shouldn’t it? The biggest problems that many businesses face are being able to maintain and monitor policies for creating useful master record IDs. 

This is where, EthoTech can help. EthoTech's Next Numeric Collection solution can eliminate the need to allocate time in implementing and modifying existing policies to ensure that the correct records are being created. This solution will automatically generate the next number needed for your master record types as well as saving you time on resolving gaps in alpha-numeric sequences.  


  • Improves overall productivity 

    Increase your business's productivity by implementing EthoTech products specifically designed for Dynamics GP.

  • Improves business efficiency

    You won't need to manually enter or maintain policies for creating master record ID's for your data entry.

  • Easily integrates with Dynamics GP 

    Integrate the EthoTech solution into your Dynamics GP system to maximise the potential for your business.

Maximise the potential of Dynamics GP for your business

If you are looking to maximise the full potential of Dynamics GP for your business through next numeric collection, then please get in contact with Advantage to discuss your requirements. 

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