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Through the use of a data integration platform you can easily integrate any data set into any Microsoft Dynamics product. 

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What is SmartConnect (eOne Solutions)?

Designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses, SmartConnect created by eOne Solutions is the fastest-growing integration solution for Dynamics 365, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM. It can take data from any source and create records without the use of any code at all.

Furthermore, SmartConnect can handle even the most complex of data integrations, even when the data you need does not reside nicely in just one place – SmartConnect will pull it all together in an easy to use graphical format. Link multiple tables together to ensure you have just the data you need for the integration solution you are building. User friendly names make it easy to link tables, files, web services or XML documents together.


  • Simplify data transfer and migration

    Easily import and export data to a variety of destinations through this solution.

  • Improve efficiency

    Transformations within the solution can help you to save formatting time.

  • Easy to integrate

    With no hard code integrations needed you can easily integrate it into your business.

Streamline data integration processes across your business

If you are looking to easily integrate and move data in and out of your current Microsoft Dynamics solution then get in touch with Advantage to discuss your specific requirements. 

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