Mimecast Email Management

An email management solution that preserves the integrity and security of your communications – whether you’re a new business or an established firm, securing your emails should be one of your key priorities.

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What is Mimecast Email Management?

The Mimecast email management platform helps businesses secure emails and data, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches while helping with the management of various point solutions traditionally used to protect email and its data.  

With over 13,000 customers and millions of employees globally, this cloud-based security, archiving and continuity service provides clients with a comprehensive email risk platform solution through a single subscription service.  


  • Comprehensive Email Security For Your Business 

    Mimecast Email Security uses sophisticated multi-layered detection engines to protect email data and users from malware.

  • Safely Archive Your Business Email Data In The Cloud 

    Mimecast simplifies information retention to eliminate information governance, e-discovery, litigation and compliance risks.

  • Keep Your Business Emails Online and Limit Downtime

    Mimecast helps to cut the costs and complexity by eliminating the impact of primary on-premises or email system downtime.

Safeguard the security of your business emails

If you are looking for an email management solution to help safeguard your business emails then please contact Advantage today to discuss your business needs. 

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