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Dynamics NAV Keyboard Shortcuts (Navision)

When it comes to using any type of software, it’s always helpful to know if there’s a quicker and easier way than using your mouse.

Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts for those of you that are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). Depending on your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system will depend on which shortcuts you use, so we’ve included both classic client and role tailored client (RTC) shortcuts.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Keyboard Shortcuts


Dynamics NAV Classic Client

Dynamics NAV RoleTailored Client (RTC)

Move to the next field or character RIGHT ARROW RIGHT ARROW
Move to the previous field or character LEFT ARROW LEFT ARROW
Move to the field above in the same column UP ARROW UP ARROW
Move to the field below in the same column DOWN ARROW DOWN ARROW
Clear selected text DELETE DELETE
Close the window or undo the data entry ESC ESC
Move to the last field on a line END END
Move to the first field on a line HOME HOME
Move to the next field on non-line FastTabs ARROW, TAB, ENTER TAB
Move to the next editable field ENTER
Display next document or card in a list PAGE UP PAGE UP
Display previous document or card in a list PAGE DOWN PAGE DOWN
Open Help F1 F1
Edit F2 F2
Select Type to filter (field filter) F7 F3
Drop down or look up to select F6 F4
Refresh the active window F5
Go to the next frame CTRL+PAGE DOWN F6
Display statistics F9 F7
Copy the field above F8 F8
Post F11 F9
Select the menu bar and display access keys F10, ALT F10, ALT
Select the navigation pane F12 F12
View error message SHIFT+F1
Select Show Results (FlowFilter) CTRL+F7 SHIFT+F3
Open a lookup window (from an ellipsis button) F6 SHIFT+F4
Go to the previous frame CTRL+PAGE UP SHIFT+F6
Open the related card CTRL+F5 SHIFT+F7
Drop down or look up to view F6 SHIFT+F8
Post and Print SHIFT+F11 SHIFT+F9
Display a shortcut menu SHIFT+F10 SHIFT+F10
Apply Entries, Get Source Doc, or Get Whse. Doc SHIFT+F11 SHIFT+F11
Open the Role Center from the navigation pane SHIFT+F12
Move to the previous field ARROW, SHIFT+TAB SHIFT+Tab
Collapse or expand the Action Pane CTRL+F1
Create a new document F3 CTRL+F2
Select Search pages CTRL+F3
Look up to the related list F5 CTRL+F4
View entries CTRL+F5 CTRL+F7
Release document CTRL+F11 CTRL+F9
Select the Action Pane and display key tips CTRL+F10
Reconcile or Split Line CTRL+F11 CTRL+F11
Select the address bar CTRL+F12
Export to Microsoft Office Excel CTRL+E CTRL+E
Show Links CTRL+L
Create a new record F3 CTRL+N
Open the company CTRL+O, F12 CTRL+O
Select Sorting SHIFT+F8 CTRL+T
Export to Microsoft Office Word CTRL+W CTRL+W
Move up while the selected line stays selected CTRL+UP ARROW
Move down while the selected line stays selected CTRL+DOWN ARROW
Move to the first field on a line CTRL+LEFT ARROW CTRL+LEFT ARROW
Move to the last field on a line CTRL+RIGHT ARROW
Open the About this Page/Report window (Zoom) CTRL+F8 CTRL+ALT+F1
Delete the selected line F4 CTRL+DELETE
Move to the first line in a list CTRL+HOME CTRL+HOME
Move to the last line in a list CTRL+END CTRL+END
Save and close window (equivalent to clicking OK). ESC CTRL+ENTER
Insert new line F3 CTRL+INSERT
Select Limit totals to (table filter) SHIFT+F7 CTRL+SHIFT+F3
Clear all filters CTRL+SHIFT+F7 CTRL+SHIFT+A
Open a new card F3 CTRL+SHIFT+C
Edit list CTRL+SHIFT+K
View list CTRL+SHIFT+L
Collapse/expand a line in a hierarchy CTRL+SHIFT+A CTRL+SHIFT+Q
Open a card or a document in View mode CTRL+SHIFT+V
Open a list place in a separate window CTRL+ENTER CTRL+SHIFT+W
Save and close the window and open a new window CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
Select the menu bar and display access keys ALT, F10 ALT, F10
Filter to the value in the field F7 ALT+F3
Close window or close program ALT+F4 ALT+F4
Collapse or expand the active frame ALT+F6
Display the Actions menu of the active frame ALT+F10
Display the Actions menu ALT+A
Display the Related Information menu ALT+I
Display the Reports menu ALT+R
Display the Microsoft Dynamics NAV menu ALT+M
Go to the previous window in the navigation history ALT+LEFT ARROW
Go to the next window in the navigation history ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Move to the field below without opening the drop-down menu ALT+ENTER
Switch among open windows ALT+TAB
Open the Object Designer SHIFT+F12
Open a form in Design mode CTRL+F2

Did you find this keyboard shortcuts in Dynamics Navision useful? Do you have any other tips you’d like to share with other Dynamcis NAV users? Please leave your comments below. You may also find our other Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tips and Tricks useful.

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