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Cloud Myths: Busted

Cloud Myths: BustedMany people have interesting perceptions of what the cloud can actually do. And a lot of this is down to hype, misleading information and most importantly a lack of knowledge. This deficit of knowledge can lead to unrealistic expectations of what the cloud can and can’t achieve.
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Read the latest news about Dynamics from Directions EMEA 2016

Directions EMEA 2016Travelling at about 450mph on the flight back to the UK from Directions in Prague, Dave Whitham finally had time to digest and think about all the information presented to him over the 4 day Directions EMEA Conference. He had time to find out about Dynamics NAV 2017, Dynamics 365 and some interesting add-ons!
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Read the latest news about Dynamics from Summit 2016

GPUG Summit 2016 LogoSummit is an annual event organised by Dynamic Communities. They work with over 108,000 Microsoft Dynamics users and partners from all over the world. This year it took place in Tampa, FL in the United States.

We sent over Matt Fleming and Eli Clarke of our GP Business Unit. During their trip, they witnessed the exciting launch of Dynamics 365, found out the latest Dynamics GP related news and networked with likeminded GP professionals to launch a UK chapter of GPUG!

Sounds exciting! I know right?! Despite a busy couple of days, Matt has very kindly put together some words about his time over there:
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5 ways you can become a better salesperson

5 ways you can become a better salespersonProspects are one of the most important part of your sales process. A great qualification process will help your sales team convert leads to prospects – But more than often, the bit between actual lead qualification and selling is where your business may come a bit unstuck.

Prospect engagement is the thing, and in 2016 it’s more relevant than ever.
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Brexit: How to prepare for uncertainty

Brexit: How to prepare for uncertaintyThere is little doubt that Britain leaving the European Union (EU) is going to have consequences for the financial health of the UK (and the world) for the foreseeable future. But what does this mean for you and your business? Undoubtedly times are going to be tough, with analysts in the City predicting economic doom and gloom.

But before you batten down the hatches and prepare for Brexit Armageddon, there are a couple of things you can do to help your business maintain stability and growth for the foreseeable future.
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