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Say goodbye to the rolling hills of Windows XP

On April 8th 2014, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP and Office 2003. Although XP is a relatively aged system, Gartner estimates there are still 500 million extant XP machines globally.

Keeping XP based machines could compromise security and compliance risks. Microsoft encourages to check if current XP equipment meet the Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 system requirements and then upgrading, or alternatively purchasing new equipment with Windows 8.1 pre-installed.

Advantage is currently offering businesses up to £150 cashback for trade-ins of qualifying computers for new qualifying HP computers. Conditions apply. For details of ABS’s offer see please get in touch with your account manager or via

Contact Advantage now to discuss your company on XP upgrade plans.


Microsoft Office For iPad Release

Today Microsoft announced the availability of their familiar Office Suite for the Apple iPad. Around one billion people use Microsoft Office at work and home, and require this productivity experience across all the devices they use.

Included in the suite is Word, Excel and PowerPoint while Exchange ActiveSync (Outlook) is already available. These applications come with the familiar look of the Windows version, while offering a great touch experience on the iPad.

To edit and create new documents, an Office 365 Subscription is required, which will allow users to access documents from any device via OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

PowerPoint on iPad

To find out more about how Advantage Business Systems can help with your Office 365 requirements, please contact .

Can Finance, IT and Warehouse teams really work together in Harmony?

Last week I attended an event focusing on how to improve processes for warehouses and distributors. During the event I spoke to a good mix of Finance directors, warehouse managers, transport managers and various levels of IT staff. I was surprised how many companies were facing similar challenges but collectively could not come up with a workable solution. Most companies I spoke to were using a mixture of point solutions to manage their businesses. I listened vividly to the challenges they were having before offering my ‘two cents’ as I was sure someone else would suggest what I was thinking.

IT staff were frustrated with the amount of time they spent supporting an accounting/financial system, a warehouse management system and in some cases a logistic system. Diagnostics were taking longer than normal and there were continuous problems, not to mention looking after the database(s) and any connectors/workflows. Over 83% of the IT personnel I spoke to agreed that an all-encompassing integrated solution would save them time and money and allow them to concentrate on making IT drive the business forward.

Warehouse managers were frustrated that ‘a so called best of breed solution’ was not best of breed for their specific business. They had developed their own way of working which was outside the norm. Wave picking was mentioned as a preferred way of doing things or a mixture of both ‘Wave and Batch’. To summarise, all of the warehouse managers I spoke to agreed that flexibility in the warehousing management system would allow them to work in a much more efficient manner.

Finance directors were less open about discussing their frustrations, but nearly all of them agreed that they could save 12 – 48 days per year (or 5 – 20% of their working schedule) if they had better reporting solutions, if their financial processes were more automated within the business and if they could easily access elements of the warehousing system/other supported business systems through one integrated solution.

When I introduced the concept of Dynamics Nav it certainly raised a few eyebrows. Many people still see Nav as a financial/accounting system to compete with the likes of SAP, Sage and in some cases Quickbooks. In simplicity, NAV has financials at its backbone but is also be a fully functional warehouse management, ERP, CRM and integrates with most shipping/logistics applications. You customise NAV to your business processes and not vice versa. Most businesses that use Nav, use it for at least 87% of their processes.

Every person I spoke to at the event agreed that an all in one solution is favoured over multiple point solutions.

To find out more about how Microsoft Dynamics can help streamline your business please contact

Shehzad Shah

Business Solutions Consultant
Advantage Business Systems

Microsoft Gold ERP Partner since 1998

Certified Microsoft Gold ERP Partner in the UK

Microsoft Gold ERP PartnerAdvantage Business Systems’ Microsoft Gold certification continues for the 15th year in a row! Since the introduction of its Competency programme some 8 years ago, ABS has always been a ‘Gold’ Partner for its core ERP Competency. Continue reading →

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Partner

Changing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Partner

It is  a regular occurrence at Advantage that companies approach us to enquire about Support services. They already have implemented a Dynamics NAV system and for a number of reasons are rethinking who and how it will be developed and supported in the future.

Dynamics NAV supportThere are of course occasions when companies want the same they have already, aiming to find a lower price. However, the general perception in this market is that a change takes place only when important improvements are needed. They tend to fall in one or more of the following categories: Continue reading →

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