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London-based Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, Advantage Business Systems, celebrates 15 years of successful business trading

August 19, 2014Keith HauLatest News0
Advantage Business Systems Limited are pleased to announce that it celebrates its 15th year of successful business trading. Founded on August 19th, 1999, when it was purchased from Mazars Neville Russell Systems Limited, the company has since then grown from strength to strength, becoming one of only handful (5%) of Microsoft channel partners to achieve Microsoft Dynamics Gold partner status. This year also marks Advantage’s 11th year as a Microsoft Dynamics Gold partner.

CEO, Ed Vorwerk, comments, “We’re delighted to be celebrating 15 years of successful business at Advantage Business Systems. We’re based within central London and this year we’ve added a new exciting Dynamics CRM and Business Intelligence division to our ever expanding Dynamics business”.

Vorwerk adds, “I’d also like to thank all the customers who have supported us over the years and the hard-working staff at Advantage. The Advantage staff are a top bunch – I’m always impressed by their dedication and commitment to serving customers. They’re constantly upping their game by updating their knowledge, skillsets and Microsoft Dynamics qualifications”.

About Advantage Business Systems:

  • Founded on August 19, 1999 when it was purchased from Mazars Neville Russell Systems Limited.
  • Employs over 35 full-time staff.
  • Specialists in Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and CRM business solutions (including consultancy, implementation, development and support).
  • Offers a Managed IT Services division to help small and midsized businesses manage their IT systems and infrastructure.
  • Specialists in a number of vertical industries including Financial Services, Consultancy Services, TV Media and Film Production, Distribution and Warehousing, Social Enterprises, and Charities/Non Profits.
  • UK Microsoft Dynamics Gold partner for over 11 years.
  • International InterDyn partner helping to support international companies with UK offices.

Unleash the power of Office 365

Office365Office 365 is fast gaining popularity – especially with SME organisations who want to be up and running with the minimum of fuss. The features of 365 are outlined on Microsoft’s website. Here are some of the practical benefits to companies who want to run their business and not their IT and the data issues to consider when implementing.

Enterprise grade computing for SME organisations

Office 365 is a good example of a solution that enables smaller organisations to enjoy the same quality of computing services as blue chip corporates.

Reduced Administration

Office 365 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud service. This means users receive the latest versions of their chosen 365 bundle with free ongoing updates. With updates, patches and maintenance automatically taken care of – this leaves you free to run your business. Similarly, 365 runs sophisticated Disaster Recovery and Back up procedures as well as using state-of-the-art anti-virus and malware software.

Remote Access 24×7

As a cloud service – users can access their documents from any internet connection. Syncing files is standardised for all your employees and access is available 24×7. No more waiting for your IT team to arrive in the morning to resolve issues for you.

A Single Version of a Shared Document

Office 365 allows users to control co-working with a shared document. The problems of users unwittingly creating different versions of the same document and emailing it back and forth are resolved with the document control and tracking features of 365. The SharePoint module in 365 allows for powerful document sharing editing and concurrent authoring.

Reduced Hardware

There is a great desire from customers to reduce on-site hardware. This mirrors the domestic market’s desire to reduce physical ‘stuff’ from households. A cloud service reduces server and storage sprawl and the maintenance associated with this.


Office 365 allows you to add and remove users and permissions easily and quickly. It is a scalable model where customers pay for what they use and are not required to predict their future needs. Office 365 is purchased directly from Microsoft on a subscription basis.

Migrating Data

Although Office 365 is a powerful system, businesses will still need to migrate their existing data to the new system and set up email profiles. Companies with limited resources should consider using a Microsoft partner to migrate data and quickly set up their 365 model.

Advantage Business Systems provide support in migrating data and setting up user profiles as an initial one-off service. To understand more about the benefits of Office 365 and advice on how to migrate data, please contact us by clicking here.


7 Reasons why London SME’s left their IT Support Companies

The Managed Services team at Advantage has been winning new SME customers for over a decade. An informal survey of our new customers reveal why they left their old support provider.

  1. “They didn’t listen to us.”
    Providers seemed more intent on selling what they wanted to sell over what customers actually needed for their budget range.
  2. “Problems never seem to be permanently fixed.”
    Some providers ‘stalled’ in fixing low level but recurring issues.
  3. “It was hard getting their full attention.”
    Some providers operate with too few staff where IT Support was a part-time job for them.
  4. “They didn’t use a ‘best of breed’ model.”
    Some providers use a limited and aged range of solutions based on their limited and aged capabilities.
  5. “It wasn’t clear where our data was and who owned it.”
    Some hosted providers were unclear on where customers’ data was, who owned it, who had access to it and how (and even if) it was being backed up.
  6. “We didn’t get clear reports about what they were doing.”
    A lot of customers could not give specifics on what their provider did for them.
  7. “They just weren’t proactive about resolving issues.”
    Some providers wait for things to go wrong rather than pre-empt issues and they sometimes hope the problem (or the customer) will just go away.

We understand the ‘devil you know’ principle may be comforting for busy London SME’s but providing a high level of outsourced IT isn’t difficult for a provider with the right staff, the right capabilities and the right attitude.

If you feel you’re accepting a mediocre standard of support and relationship – it’s time to change. It’s time to contact the Managed Services team at Advantage – because we think you deserve better.

Is your core ERP Finance solution letting the rest of your Financial Services business down?

Advantage Business Systems Limited works with around 40 Financial Service clients across the UK including Asset/Fund Management, Private Equity, ForEx, Insurance and Banking.

We have significant experience in the Financial Services Sector, providing a comprehensive Finance solution based around the Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting Software for small to medium organisations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows organisations to rapidly build external integration with third party data sources (e.g. portfolio management, ForEx), consolidate performance data in a flexible manner that can be readily analysed within your ledgers and provides powerful reporting without the need for additional licencing ensuring right information, right place, right time.

Migration is easy from smaller less flexible systems with transfers from existing software often only taking 6 days.   So if your current Finance Solution is letting the rest of the business down contact us and we can see how Advantage Business Systems can help?

Advantage expands to deliver Dynamics CRM and Business Intelligence

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Business Intelligence division to Advantage Business Systems.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management solution which allows organisations to better communicate to customers.

With over 4,000,000 users across over 80 countries, you are in good company with your choice of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Business Intelligence is a solution which enables organisations to quickly gain an insight into the performance of the business and identify key areas to address to drive business growth.

The decision to launch a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Business Intelligence division marks Advantage’s continued commitment to the Microsoft technology stack alongside significant plans for growth. Ed Vorwerk, Owner of Advantage Business Systems comments: “We’ve been in the Microsoft Dynamics reseller channel since 1999 and we’ve seen how the market has become consolidated through acquisition. We wanted to continue to deliver outstanding service, whilst being able offer our customers more of an end to end solutions, so this move marks the start of our plans to grow organically”.

The two new divisions of the business will be led by Steve Higgins, co-owner of I-bussol who has over 11 years in the Microsoft Dynamics Channel and is a qualified management accountant (ACMA) and Justin Brown co-owner of I-bussol who has 12 years in the Microsoft Dynamics Channel and with qualifications that CIMA, AAT and Business and Marketing HND.

To find out more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Business Intelligence, simply give us a call or send us an email.

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