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10 reasons why organisations are switching to Azure Backup

Microsoft Azure BackupAzure is Microsoft’s new cloud computing platform that offers both infra-structure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). It creates and manages applications and services through Microsoft’s data centres and delivers website creation, virtual machines, cloud services, data management, business analytics, mobile services, networking, backup, site recovery, development tools etc. Continue reading →

Tips and Tricks – Recording Macros in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Fu TranRecording and playing a macro in Microsoft Dynamics GP is an easy and safe way of making mass changes within GP.

When the macro is played it will simulate every key stroke you made when recording the macro. The real advantage of using macros is it will go through all the standard GP validations as if you’ve made the changes manually. This is perhaps best illustrated with an example.

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Unleash the power of Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 is fast gaining popularity with SME organisations who want smarter, faster and simpler IT. The features of 365 are outlined on Microsoft’s website.

Here are some of 365’s benefits for organisations who want to drive their business and not their IT.

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The New Mobile Office – How NAV 2015 is empowering small & mid-sized businesses

Microsoft NAV 2015 for mobile and tablet devices

Scene one; a Sales Executive is in a restaurant sat opposite his partner and as he casually glances at his mobile, he’s aware of a scowl from across the table. Not wishing to spoil the moment he swiftly put his mobile away. We’ve probably all been in similar situations, in the age of mobile technology we are intrinsically tied to streams of information via texts, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc in our home and business life.

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The 5 Strategic Benefits of Email Archiving

Email archivingYour organisation is incrementally building up email from present and past employees, customers, authorities, partners and suppliers. Email archiving is something many SME organisations don’t consider until the size of their unstructured email data makes archiving more of a reactive tactic than a considered strategy.

There are many benefits to the idea of a planned, strategic email archiving strategy. We list the 5 key benefits below. Continue reading →

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