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SQL database support for your ERP system – Is your data safe?

SQLSupportBlogPict1It’s easy to forget about the database sitting behind your Business Application. IT users only ever see the “front end” and they will perhaps only think of  storage if things slow down or worse still, stop functioning altogether. The management and monitoring of the “back end” or database is often overlooked until it is too late. According to the London Chamber of Commerce, 90% of businesses which lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years!

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Consultancy Services – Is Managing Chargeable Hours A Non-Chargeable Headache?

Working within the consultancy services sector for the past 2 decades, I have seen inefficiencies in organisations’ business processes, time and time again. These organisations are under constant pressure to allocate resources more effectively, increase client chargeability rates, and generate greater profit margins. Their inability to effectively track and increase billable hours hits their bottom line profitability and negatively impacts on their future success. Continue reading →

What IT challenges do London SMEs face in 2015?


Here is a snapshot of the IT challenges SME’s face in 2015

  • Evaluating efficiency against 2015 standards

Older IT models may not cause you problems but may be inefficient by 2015 standards. Compared to modern cloud models, your 2010 IT may drag business efficiency. The test for many SME’s is measuring their IT model realistically.

An audit of your system and procedures will rate the effectiveness of your system. A simple server inspection may find issues on your ‘trouble-free’ system which can be easily resolved.

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Unleash the power of Office 365


Office 365 is fast gaining popularity with SME organisations who want smarter, faster and simpler IT. The features of 365 are outlined on Microsoft’s website.

Here are some of 365’s benefits for organisations who want to drive their business and not their IT.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 – Some Exciting New Features

“Giving you more options and features to further empower your business”

The recent release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 has seen a plethora of new capabilities added to further enhance usability and extend the reach to those using tablet devices. Whilst there are many new features in this release I have picked a few that really stand out as innovative and further add value to what is already a great solution.

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