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Countdown to Microsoft Dynamics GP2015 – New Features Part Three

As we approach the launch of Microsoft Dynamics GP2015, Simon Nicholson counts down some of the exciting new features available. Today; Fixed Assets & Workflow functionality.

Fixed Assets:

A number of changes have been made to the amount of detail provided to users as part of the Fixed Asset Year end close routine.

Fixed Assets Enhancement now include an ability to print a report as part of year-end close which prints details from all books & assets impacted as part of the year end routine. In summary, users will now be able to view reports where no reports were in previous version of Dynamics GP:

  1. Fixed Assets report is printed as part of year end close
  2. Report prints for all books and assets impacted
  3. Includes end of year information for an asset

Workflow: Part 1

The workflow function within Dynamics GP, which became available with the release of GP2013 R2, has been expanded to include a number of additional functionality for multiple areas of Dynamics GP.

Vendor creation approval, General Ledger batch approval, Receivables batch approval and Payables batch approval are all available within Dynamics GP2015 which will link directly to Outlook to enable e-mail approval by users.

In addition to these areas, the existing workflow streams available within Sharepoint and Business Portal have been incorporated into Dynamics GP2015


Workflow: Part 2

It looks like Workflow approvals will be available to ”light” GP Users or from within Outlook Email so no GP user would be required at all to authorise a workflow that could be approved from any compatible device.


 The countdown continues tomorrow with Business Analyser functionality..


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Countdown to Microsoft Dynamics GP2015 – New Features Part Two

As we approach the launch of Microsoft Dynamics GP2015, Simon Nicholson counts down some of the exciting new features available. Today; Company Payments, Email Functionality and Intercompany Processing.

Company Payments

Company payments terms have been expanded to include a number of additional options to add. Payment terms have been expanded to include:

    1. Due Date Option using Transaction Date
    2. Add Days to Due Date
    3. Additional Due Options
    4. Additional Discount Options
    5. Options: Next Month, Months, Month/Day and Annual
    6. Example calculation


Email Functionality

The emailing functionality that became available with Dynamics GP2010 has been further enhanced with the ability to amend and update email details for documents which have previously been sent. Additional email functionality has been added in the following areas:

  1. Edit E-mail for Historical Documents
  2. Edit e-mail for historical Sales documents
  3. Edit e-mail for historical Purchase Orders
  4. Edit e-mail for RM Statements
  5. E-mail historical PM Remittances
  6. Edit e-mail for PM remittances


Intercompany Processing

Dynamics GP Intercompany Processing allows you to create and account for intercompany transactions between different Dynamics GP company databases you have in your system.

The Intercompany Enhancements will allow users to view distributions of intercompany transactions from other companies allowing greater visibility of the entire transaction flow. In addition, users will also be able to void an entire intercompany transaction, including destination company distributions, from the originating company.



 The countdown continues tomorrow with Fixed Assets & Workflow!

Microsoft Dynamics GP2015 Top 20 Features


Microsoft Dynamics GP2015 – System Wide Features

As we approach the launch of Microsoft Dynamics GP2015 1st December 2015 – Simon Nicholson (Microsoft Dynamics GP Lead Consultant) runs down some of the new features available.

No. 20 Home Page Settings

Dynamics GP system enhancements include the ability to Copy Home Page Settings & Content to multiple Users along with the ability to Copy Area Page Settings to multiple Users making the setup and maintenance of users by your Dynamics GP system administrator much simpler.

No. 19 Dynamics GP Reporting

From the reporting side of Dynamics GP, Management Reporter reports can now be run from their own Navigation List. This new addition to the lists feature will also allow Management Reporter users to View, Edit and Create Management Reporter Actions from within Dynamics GP. Users can also choose what data Management Reporter uses for General Ledger and/or Analytical Accounting reporting for each company.

The tight integration from Dynamics GP to Excel with elements such as Analysis Cubes, Excel Dashboards and Excel Reports has been added too with Refreshable Excel Reports. These Refreshable Excel Reports also link with existing Smartlists and those created with Smartlist Designer and will create a published report directly available from within Excel for users. By publishing a refreshable report, the user can open the report in Excel and the data will always be up to date

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How to choose the right CRM partner

Which CRM partner?With so many suppliers offering similar Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and services, how do you choose the right one? For me, there are 10 key things one needs to consider when choosing a partner. Here is my check list.

1. Research the Supplier

Research the company’s profile to confirm their expertise and history. Check whether they have a solid track record in developing solutions for your sector and if they’re an accredited supplier.

2. Check Customer References

Always ask for references and contact those provided by the partner. The more the merrier.

3. Review Support

Review evidence of a track record regarding response and resolution times that the supplier provides.

4. Personable

You, the customer, must feel valued so the personal relationship is vital as this should be a long term collaboration.

5. Knowledgeable

Software by its very nature is ever developing, a partner needs to be abreast of change and be able to demonstrate experience and know how.

6. Account Management

A consistent point of contact is imperative throughout so do ask questions about service levels.

7. Beware of Hard Sell

Avoid the hard sellers, a good partner will listen to your requirements and not sell you products or services that you don’t need.

8. Don’t Rush the Process

Desperation to change can often lead to a poor decision so make sure things are done in a timely and orderly manner. Don’t be pressured into making a rash decision.

9. Be Wary of Evasive Responses

Credible partners should provide timely, knowledgeable answers so if the supplier doesn’t it should ring your alarm bells!

10. Read the Small Print

Ensure clarity of services offered at all times. Apply due diligence and review the proposals, service agreements and contracts. It can save you money in the long term.

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