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What can Concur Travel & Expense do for your business?

Not all travel and expense solutions are created equal. Today, travel-related spend is often the second-largest line item in any organisation—following payroll. It’s more important than ever to ensure your travel and spend management solutions are truly integrated.

Only an integrated solution provides the visibility needed to drill down into employee spend, keep your travellers happy and safe—all while reinforcing policy compliance and protecting your bottom line. The answer is SAP Concur's Travel & Expense solution.

Why SAP Concur?

  • Connected

    SAP Concur integrates all of your organisation’s travel and expense data, so you get a single, scalable way to manage spend—no matter where or when it happens.

  • Transparent

    SAP Concur provides visibility into total spend down to each detailed transaction, so you can correct policy violations before spend occurs, better manage budgets, and forecast more accurately.

  • Effortless

    SAP Concur takes the work out of travel and expense management, making details and processes effortless, so it’s easier for everyone to focus on what matters most.

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