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By using a HR and payroll solution you can make sure that your key people-centric source of information is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV or GP. 

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What is Jane Systems?

Jane Systems are specialists in providing human resources and payroll software to small and medium sized businesses across the UK which can easily integrate into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP. 

Whether you are looking for an individual product or a fully integrated human resource solution for your business, Jane Systems have all the expertise and tools available to help you to manage every part of the employee life cycle.


  • Improved efficiency & accuracy 

    Through Jane System's extensive tools & applications you will be able to free up time to develop your HRM and improve other aspects of your business.

  • Greater engagement with employees 

    The whole workforce will benefit from higher engagement with the HR/Payroll aspects of their employment from attendance right through to CPD.

  • Empower employees 

    Allows employees to take control of the data that is relevant to them as the onus will be on them to keep personal information up to date.

Improve the way your business does HR and Payroll

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