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Case Study: Discover how Business Voice transformed Mansion House Consulting

As business practices across the globe changed, Mansion House Consulting wanted to move to a fully flexible telephony system that could effectively be used by their workforce, whether in the office, at home or on the road.
Who are Mansion House Consulting (MHC)?
Mansion House Consulting (MHC) is an international business and technology consultancy focused exclusively on the Financial Services sector, providing high quality, practical and robust solutions to all areas of the industry through their teams of highly qualified consultants and experts.
The Challenge
As more and more of their workforce made the switch to full time remote working, MHC were keen to improve their current telephony system which could be rolled out as quickly as possible to their current workforce without the need to spend additional money on extra equipment.
The Solution
The decision to add Microsoft Business Voice to their portfolio was relatively straightforward given they were already users of Microsoft’s stack of technology such as Office 365 and in particular Microsoft Teams which would help to make the transition even easier.
Added to which by having such a system in place would help to provide a number of different benefits for the organisation. The capability of being able to unify calls, chats, meetings, calendars and emails together made it much easier for staff to manage their daily workloads and to keep on top of all external and internal queries. Furthermore, meetings become much simpler as everyone in the business was using the same technology and from a compliance and security perspective it provided the additional comfort of it being delivered via the Microsoft cloud. 
The Benefits
Jonathan Want, Chief Technology Officer at Mansion House Consulting was evidently delighted “we’ve worked with Christo and the team at Advantage for a while now and have had the benefit of their knowledge. When it came to changing our phone system, they were the first port of call and as users of Microsoft Teams the transition was seamless.”
Christo van Zyl, the Managed Services Director at Advantage remarked “once Mansion House came to us looking to upgrade their telephony, Business Voice was the first option that came to mind. It really is a gamechanger due to the ease and speed with which it can be set up and implemented”.
With Business Voice now fully implemented across the organisation, Mansion House Consulting are able to cope with the current demands and work effectively wherever they may be based. With the expert IT support from Advantage and the power of Microsoft they are now a fully agile company ready for the future.