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SQL Support for Microsoft SQL Server

The smooth running of your business system is critical when it comes to increasing business agility and performance. But what happens if the platform supporting your business system becomes corrupt or damaged? Data loss and inefficiencies within your business system costs time and money.

Not all businesses have in-house SQL skills, so why not use Advantage to help you? The SQL Support Service from Advantage has been designed to help clients gain the maximum potential from their current database environments, through the design and implementation of an infrastructure that will optimise a business system’s up time.


Benefits of our SQL Support Service

  • Health Checks – our IT specialists will review your system’s database to determine performance, capacity and backup issues. This provides Advantage with an understanding of your current database and how it can be further improved.
  • Site knowledge – our clients have access to a dedicated support team and account manager that familiarise themselves with your system and business, in order to provide optimal performance and improved system availability.
  • Optimal performance and improved system availability – with reliable and cost-effective support from Advantage, our clients are guaranteed that their IT system is in safe hands.
  • Proactive support – Advantage’s unique partnership approach builds relationships that last. We provide proactive monitoring and fault rectification practices to reduce our client’s exposure to risk, and increase system availability and stability.
  • Technical expertise – Advantage’s support team are trained and qualified to provide IT solutions. We’re accredited in Microsoft Business Solutions and Database Management Solutions.
  • Information services – Our support team provides clients with timely, relevant and accurate information to increase system reliability keeping you informed every step of the way.

Why Advantage?

Why Advantage Business Systems?

Advantage Business Systems are accredited by Microsoft and have a fully qualified team of IT Support consultants trained in Microsoft technologies and SQL Server. Businesses choose us due to:

  • Our flexible approach – based within central London, our IT Services are tailored to meet your business needs – we understand that not every business is the same so we provide flexible IT Support. You choose how much or how little you want us to manage. We’ll even cover holidays and short-term projects.
  • Our technical expertise – since 1999 we’ve been working with a range of businesses that have had the simplest to the most complex of IT infrastructures. We hold the highest levels of accreditation with the world’s leading hardware and software vendors, and we’re always up to date with the latest technical developments.
  • Our IT Consultants – our managed services and IT support service is made up of talented and reliable people who understand technology and business. They’re people our customers enjoy working with – people they can trust.

Find Out More

Find Out More

To find out how you can take advantage of our SQL Support Service, why not request a free SQL Server Review? Our IT Consultants can carryout a remote service review without even having to visit you! To find out how you can benefit, contact us.
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