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You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks. Reason 8: You’re Playing Catch-Up

Always playing catch-up with QuickBooksAs a growing business; you’re already experiencing business growth, you’re dealing with more orders, higher customer demands, and increased competition. If you’re feeling out of breath trying to catch up, always looking backwards rather than forwards, then your systems are feeling stressed as well. The way your people work is changing too. You may be worried about the complexity of a more robust solution, but a more powerful solution for your business is waiting, one that works the way you do, improving productivity while scaling to fit your growing requirements.

Reason #8:  You’re Always Playing Catch-Up

While you were busy managing the growing demand for your products and services and meeting the increasing needs of your customers, you may not have noticed you are quickly approaching user or transaction limits in place within your QuickBooks software. Now is the time to begin the search for solutions to manage the next chapter in your business.

The best solutions for business are simple, usable, integrated and flexible. Microsoft Dynamics gives small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), like yours, complete control over your core business processes while connecting the office. Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions are easy to use so your team can get ramped up quickly while simplifying processes to transcend the limits of your overworked and undersized accounting software.

  • Familiar. Microsoft Dynamics looks and works like Microsoft Office. That means everyone can jump right in and get to work without having to get to grips with new software interfaces.
  • Flexible. With Microsoft Dynamics, your team can work when and where it works best—at the office, at home, or on the road. Cloud and on-premises deployments give you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your business.
  • Fast. With RapidStart Services, implementations can take less time and less money than going through a manual setup. We can also automatically import data from your legacy accounting system, so you can be up and running in fewer hours and with less risk of losing valuable data.

Join us next week when we explore the next growing pain:  your most valuable asset not living up to its potential.

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