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You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks. Reason 7: Limited Deployment Options

QuickBooks Limited Deployment OptionsWhat once held small businesses back has been made possible with software and services now available through cloud computing. Although QuickBooks is available online, there are a number of other affordable deployment options now available, bringing down the cost of more comprehensive business management solutions.

Reason #7:  Limited Deployment Options

The number one reason organisations move to the cloud is so they can experiment easier at a lower cost (Harvard Business Review Report: How the Cloud Looks from the Top: Achieving Competitive Advantage in the Age of Cloud Computing), but security is typically a top concern for organisations. Naturally, the systems that run your business need to be accessible anytime, from anywhere to allow for flexibility, but only to those granted access to that information. Some organisations ease this concern by taking a hybrid approach to cloud computing, putting a portion of their data in the cloud while other data remains on-premise. Not many business solutions offer this type of flexibility. You know you’ve outgrown QuickBooks if you’re feeling limited by their deployment options.

Business solutions from Microsoft offer deployment choices to fit your requirements. As a Microsoft Gold ERP partner, we can deliver your Microsoft Dynamics business management system on your terms. Here are just a couple of cloud choices with Microsoft business solutions:

  • Public Cloud: Public cloud offers a shared or multitenant infrastructure that may be virtualised and is owned by the vendor or the service provider. The customer typically rents the ERP software and infrastructure, and is charged on a pay-per-use or pay-per-user basis.
  • Private Cloud: Private cloud is typically located at the company or vendor-hosted datacenter. The company either owns the ERP software and infrastructure, or vendors may provide an option for leasing this as a service. An important distinction from the public cloud model is that the service is provisioned exclusively for an organisation (i.e., single tenancy) without any sharing of infrastructure among multiple customers.

Microsoft has invested millions of pounds to cloud computing resources over the past few years to ensure our cloud options are what our customers need. With our on-going commitment to technology advancement, you can be sure your investment is backed by a strong roadmap of future innovation.

Join us next week when we explore the next growing pain:  system limits not keeping up with business opportunities.

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