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Putting the ‘i’ into Business

Business consumption of technologyAll the time now, when visiting new prospects I get asked the same question. “I want a new, fast contemporary Solution, but will I be able to use it on my iPad & iPhone?”.

It’s not surprising since at least 85 million iPhones and 35 Million iPads have been sold since the launch of the iPhone in 2007.

These devices have become more important to us than any other single item that we own. With the interaction between Business and Social Media more prevalent every day, our connections to both worlds are through this singular device.

So what information from your business solution needs to be available on your Smart device? Companies implementing software need to think about what data decision makers look at. Understand how often they want to see it and in what format. Invariably key performance data in an easy-to-view format on a portable device is the goal.

But what about the rest of the employees? In the past, arming your employees with remote devices to record customer data or sales was a very costly exercise. A range of Apps designed to utilise Business solutions on iPads etc are making the functionality available and affordable.

It is imperative that companies investing in these solutions look at the security set up when rolling out this new functionality. It’s great that a remote employee has access to order processing or CRM, but what about confidential reports. The same attentiveness to security detail needs to be adhered to as it was when the initial system was implemented without these devices in mind.

Does the utilisation of these devices mean that there is an end-of-life for PC’s and the whole IT infrastructure? In my opinion, no. As great as these devices are for portability and ease of use, the central hub of data input will remain on site for a considerable while yet. Investing time in an IT infrastructure that supports these devices is at present the best policy.


* Image courtesy of Microsoft.

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