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Don’t let your Dynamics GP Business System die out

MS Dynamics GP Business SystemAs a Business System Consultant, I’ve been working on the sales side of Microsoft Dynamics GP a long time, since well before it had anything to do with Microsoft and still owed its branding to the area of the United States it called home.  In that time I’ve seen software solutions delivered into a wide range of organisations, some big, some small with a range of diverse requirements.

What I have noticed is once the heat and light around a new Dynamics GP Business System implementation has died, some of the original product champions have moved on and the knowledge around the product dilutes it’s very easy to forget that there is still huge potential in your business software to reduce your costs, increase efficiency, reduce errors and make your business more profitable.

Don’t let your Dynamics GP Business System stagnate.  How do you avoid that?

  • Make sure your staff are 100% familiar with the functionality, “I didn’t know it could do that” isn’t an excuse when time is money.
  • Get yourself a real I.T. partner, an organisation keen to help, not one who judges and classifies you by your IT spend.
  • Attend your Dynamics Partner events and see what new features and functionality are available now and in the future.
  • Talk to your Account Manager about what you want to achieve, and if you haven’t got an Account Manager, get one.
  • Do a System Review with your staff and your Partner.  Walk the floor and spend the day meeting the users understanding their view.
  • Establish problems that need addressing and new features you may be able to use.
  • Do it now.

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Matt has been working successfully in the IT sector for the last twenty years in business analysis, product support, development and ultimately sales so understands the challenges organisations face, understand them and discuss the best way to deliver appropriate solutions. The last 14 he’s been working with Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM and other associated ISV products.

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