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Consultancy Services – Is poor Business Intelligence choking your company growth?

A recent meeting with an established Consultancy Services organisation revealed that whilst they felt they were controlling their clients’ projects, managing resources and administering client billing against time expended by their consultants, they badly lacked real insight into data that enabled both strategic and tactical decisions.

Does the above sound familiar?

The Impact of Inferior Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence for Consultancy Services










The above diagram emphasises the massive increase in operational performance, exchange of cross organisational data and generic business information that can be achieved with an optimum Business Intelligence solution. Business Intelligence is underutilised in Consultancy Services organisations and managers and senior executives do not have access to dynamic or immediate information and hence lose the ability to track business performance against strategic goals.

Benefits of an optimum Business Intelligence Solution

  • Create, run and schedule reports based on individual or group cost centres.
  • Generate dynamic business reports
  • Drill down to the level of data required quickly and easily to provide immediate insight.
  • Identify areas that require attention and become proactive rather than reactive.
  • Align business performance with business goals.
  • Ensure business units collaborate and not compete with each other.
  • Integrate with your project billing and time and expense management software.

What’s Next?

Check out this video on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and then download our free complimentary whitepaper.

Download our complimentary free whitepaper on 10 Ways to Run a Smarter, More Profitable Business.

10 Ways to Run a Smarter, More Profitable Consultancy Business

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