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Bridging the Gap Between Disparate Systems

Using Disparate Systems?As of 2013 we have some statistics from Microsoft, revealing that some 94,000 companies worldwide use Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Management Systems. With integrated business software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a single database and business logic binds a financial management core with purchasing, sales and production, be it project-based, manufacturing or service-based.

Other companies use disparate systems. One software for CRM, another for warehouse, another for accounting, etc., etc. It is not unusual for the companies to approach Advantage intent on ridding themselves of a plethora of reporting sources, data loss in departmental silos and cumbersome work practices.

So what is a disparate software setup?

“Disparate” derives from Latin disparātus, past participle of disparāre, meaning to divide, make different


Starting from these Latin roots we can explore other Latin language branches. Here is the same word in the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy:

Decir o hacer algo fuera de razón y regla.


(to say or do something without reason or rules)

…and in the Portuguese dictionary:

1. Tolice; despropósito, desatino; absurdo.

2. Disparidade.


(Silliness, nonsense, mess, absurdity, disparity)

Judging from current and past ERP (enterprise resource planning) projects with companies needing to replace disparate systems with a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, the choice of the word “disparate” seems more accurate than I had ever imagined!

How does your business compare? Are you currently using multiple systems with no integration? Check out our free complimentary whitepaper on the “Top Reasons to Purchase a Microsoft Business Solution”.

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